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    Frequently asked questions

    Will my organic followers know I have increased my number of followers through paid services?

    No, they will not. Trendified follows a careful process to ensure it helps improve the client's business. We won't create a negative impact. Your followers will think more people like them found your video and liked it, just like them. They will start sharing your videos when they have the confidence that more people like them. It just needs a little push, and your organic followers will take it from there.

    When your new followers comment and interact on your post, it increases the activity of your organic followers too. It won't look fake, and no one will suspect anything. Your followers will engage more, and the entire account can become more active in one tiny step.

    Will using a paid service to increase my video shares affect my ranking with the service provider?

    Service providers have various checkpoints and algorithms to ensure people increase their views and like the way it was meant to. We have an equally talented team who knows how to increase these numbers without coming up on the service provider's radar. We charge you not just to increase those numbers but to do so carefully and not affect you negatively.

    With careful steps, we can increase your video shares without YouTube finding out about it. Our team is well equipped and can boost your views and overall page visibility overnight and make it look authentic. You have nothing to worry about.

    Will my account get deactivated if my followers increase by hundreds overnight?

    If you have engaging followers, people will believe they are organic. We will increase your followers so that no one will suspect any paid services. When your content is worth it, it will reach the masses. We are just here to pave the way to make it easier for you. A little help is all great content needs.

    We will give you authentic followers, who will comment, engage and make your account more active overall. We are aware of all the checkpoints and can surpass them.

    Will an increase in the number of views help my TikTok account?

    Yes, it will help your account tremendously. The more views you get for your TikTok video, the higher will your video rank. When users browse TikTok, they get suggestions based on such rankings. The better your rank, the more the algorithm will recommend your content.

    When a video is liked, shared, and viewed more, you get more followers for your account.

    This is all you need for more views for all the videos you are yet to post. Your videos are bound to get more views, shares, and likes with numerous followers. It also opens doors for business opportunities through collaborations and promotions.

    Can Trendified help increase the number of likes for any content on Instagram?

    Yes, you have to give us the details, and the numbers will be up as promised. We don't have any liking or preference for any content. We are here to help all those who want to increase their footprint on social media.

    With years of experience, we understand how difficult it can be to crack this market. Even similar types of content by the same account can have drastically different numbers of likes. Be it your post or reels; we can increase the number of likes for it in no time. You have to say the word!